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Sound healing

Friday the 18th of November at 17.00-18.15 we invite you to a exclusive event with Sound Healing.  This is a "once in a lifetime" and an experience you won't forget.

Sound healing is an ancient form of sound medicine. Frequencies from the tibetan and/or alchemical bowls will guide your mind and body to full relaxation and a peace of mind.

Step into a warming studio, wear comfortable clothes and feel free to bring a pillow.  During the class you will be guided through a meditation joined with the meditative sound of the bowls. Sound healing gives your brain a break and lets the body get some well deserved recovery. 

The class will be held in English.

The cost for the event is SEK 300/SEK 450 and your booking is binding



Sound healer and our instructor

Hi, I'm Rochelle!

In ancient Sanskrit Shanti means peace and Seva means the art of giving.

My heritage is Indian and I come from a Hindu family.  I’ve been surrounded by all things spiritual growing up – giving and helping others no matter whom or what they are is something that has been instilled in me from a young age and is something I try to be mindful of everyday. 

I’ve used Sound Healing for the past few years to heal myself & soon realised it was developing into a passion of mine. I decided to turn my passion into a reality & completed my Level 1 & 2 certification in Sound Bowl Therapy.

Sound healing is so much more than a set of bowls being played. It allows you to tune inwards and reconnect with yourself- it enables you to find true balance. If you take the time to listen and be still it can take you to a very special place. 

Sound healing?

Förenklat förklarat svarar våra hjärnvågor på olika frekvenser och toner.

I en klangmeditation används tibetanska och/eller alkemiska skålar för att skapa rika vibrerande frekvenser.

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